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    TPO s chairman is Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales. TPO s best values are its plans costing less than 30 month. Note that TPO charges a laundry list of telecom taxes in addition to the normal sales taxes and e911 fees that most prepaid operators charge.

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Tello allows using your phone as a hotspot and offers BYOSD, auto pay and LTE. Is a Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO. Ting can activate T-Mobile and unlocked GSM phones and most Sprint phones except BlackBerrys, and PTT and WebOS phones.

Phone deals us
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A major plus with Ting is no-extra cost voice and SMS roaming. T-Mobile (877) 479-3502: T-Mobile monthly plans including a3/month pseudo pay as you go plan. T-Mobile s Simply Prepaid plans include no-extra cost hotspot with high speed data up to pan e 75 T-Mobile One unlimited plan includes unlimited hotspot but hotspot data is throttled to 3G speeds.

Phone deals us
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Taxes and fees vary by state. TracFone Wireless is Amrica Mvil s traditional pay as you go brand. It s now offering Android phones that run on the Verizon and AT T networks and use a triple-triple billing system that delivers very affordable data.