Wal-mart secret in store deals

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  • Wal-mart secret in store deals

    Pricing at Walmart on toiletries (and most other groceries?) always seems so high to me, because I watch deals at other stores. This week for example you can pick upOld Spice for 1.59 at Amazon, Colgate for.46 at Walgreens, Herbal Essences for.72 at Target, and Pantene for 1.63 at CVS.

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So, there you have it! Ready for my one frustration though with Walmart shoppers? (Hopefully not stepping on too many toes here, but here goes. ) So many folks think its always cheaper to buy everything at Walmart, but its just not the case.

Wal-mart secret in store deals
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Their stuff is so cute (I was surprised?) and many of the items are larger count quantities than youd findat the Dollar Tree. And birthday cards for 47? Love that! 9.

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Ive always shoppedthe Dollar Tree for most of our party supplies (Michaels has a great selection occasionally as well but when I was at Walmart this week I realized their 97 party supply selection might just have the Dollar Tree beat!

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