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    Odeon became A M s South American distributor in all countries except Venezuela where Palacio de Musica of Caracas had distribution. EMI had distribution rights in Latin America from 1971 until June 30, 1980.

    A M Records History
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Of all tape formats, cassettes were 22 percent, reel to reel 3 percent and 8-tracks 75 percent of sales. Cassette sales were increasing resulting in a promotion push in 1970. At this point 4-track tapes were declining and A M decided album by album which to release on 4-track.

Frymire coupons specials
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A M placed 13 singles and 18 albums on the Billboard charts. A total of 11 RIAA gold records were given to A M. The Carpenters, Joe Cocker and Burt Bacharach received three each.

Frymire coupons specials
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The engineering staff was handled video recording. The idea was to pursue both business applications to introduce distributors and affiliates to new artists and new recordings and also to create a library of video that it could package when home video would become available in the coming years.

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Vinyl was 75 percent of the sales; four and 8-track tapes were 19.6 percent, cassettes were 4.7 percent and open reel tapes were two percent of products sold. From July through September, A M sold over 9.9 million in products.