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    In these cases, the best practice is to try to match your purchases to what is written in English on the coupon. Some store scanners may require the cashier to manually enter the price for the free item.

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The grocery store computers try to match the manufacturer code and the product family code with the items you have purchased to determine whether to accept your coupon. If both the manufacturer and product family codes match the product you are purchasing, then the stores computer will accept the coupon.

Reader store coupons
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It is still best policy to purchase the items described in English on the coupon. Remember that when you redeem a coupon, the manufacturer has to pay the retailer for the cost of redeeming that coupon.

Reader store coupons
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In many cases, that means that even if you buy a different size or flavor than what is pictured on the coupon, your coupon will still scan. Some manufacturers have so many products that they have multiple manufacturer numbers.

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The new databar contains all of that information plus more. It has the capability of including a unique tracking number. There are also optional fields for multiple manufacturers, multiple products, coupon start date, coupon expiry date, doubling, and more.

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Manufacturers give stores a few months from when the coupon expires to when the retailer must submit the coupon for reimbursement, so the retailer is not harmed if you redeem a coupon a few days past the expiration date.

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If the product family code is not in the database, QSeer will simply display the number. The product family codes table will be updated frequently, so if you find a coupon with a family code that is not in the database, please send a picture of the coupon to, and the family code will be included in the next QSeer update.