Draino printable coupons

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  • Draino printable coupons

    Those are 10 quick and easy tips that should help you deal with the most stubborn blockages. Do you have any great tips? Let us know.

    10 Really Easy Ways to Unclog Drains - Wise Bread
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7. The Drain Snake This is a fairly low-tech piece of equipment that works wonders. It s basically a long flexible metal rope with a spiral of metal at the end. The following video shows you just what to do.

Draino printable coupons
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Now pour it slowly down the drain in two to three stages, allowing the hot water to work for a several seconds in between each pour. This is usually the easiest and quickest way to unclog a drain.

Draino printable coupons
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Stir it well with an old wooden spoon. It will begin to fizz and heat up. Pour it into the clogged drain and leave for 20-30 minutes, then flush the drain with boiling water.

Draino printable coupons
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With the vacuum turned on its highest setting, it can be powerful enough to draw the clog up the pipe and into the vacuum bag. It doesn t always work, but it s worth a shot.

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Push that past the drain cover and start fishing. You should be able to get all sorts of hair and nasty stuff out of the drain. Remember, you always want to be pulling gunk out, not pushing it further.