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    Good luck streaming anything, though. Unfortunately, many cheap internet providers are like at-home hair dye: cheaper up front, but more expensive in the end. In other words, youre likely to find data caps, hidden fees, or unresponsive customer service.

    High Speed Internet Service Provider Deals Optimum Online
High-Speed Internet Deals as low as 14.95 Infinity DISH

Its 14 a GB (about 15,000 emails, or less than an hour of streaming HD video). It never expires. And theres no way to go over you just top up. Karma runs on Sprints LTE network, so depending on where youre at, you can expect download speeds of 68 Mbps, and upload speeds around 3 Mbps.

Highspeed deals
AT T Internet Service - High Speed Internet Providers

Karma says you arent opening your hard drive up or offering your browsing history to strangers, but if youre the lockbox type, this definitely isnt for you.

Highspeed deals
High Speed Fiber-Optic Internet Services Provider Verizon Fios

Cheap is cheap, and if thats your only concern, dial-up stalwart. NetZero Dial-Up still exists. Its so cheap its free. If you already have a phone line and are looking for extremely barebones internet, it offers 10 hours of dial-up a month on the house.

Highspeed deals
High-Speed Internet - Deals Offers Available CenturyLink

Thats not the case with Karma Go. Buy the little white Karma Go pod for 149 and pick your plan: The 40 per month 5 GB Pulse entry-level plan isnt super cheap, but the pay-as-you-go option is great if youre an ultra light user.

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The biggest downside is that the shared hotspot isnt totally private. In fact, its part of Karma Gos marketing plan that anyone near you, say sitting in the next seat over in the airport, can log onto your network (and youll get a 100 MB bump in your data for the good deed).

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