Scam deals in music publishing

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  • Scam deals in music publishing

    They dont like to look bad on a public facing website as having voluntarily opened a drop box and then abandoned it. We have leverage on them that you, on your own never will.

    Record Labels and Companies Guide: Info on Getting Signed
Music Marketing dot com: Taxi - Is it a Scam?

Multilevel direct sales purports to be just an expansion on the single-level version, so let s look at that first. Single-level direct sales was designed to reward professional salespeople in direct proportion to their sales efforts.

Scam deals in music publishing
Vandor Motion Pictures, Phonorecords and Music Publishing

As you can imagine, when they open up a free submission drop box, some musicians submit every song theyve ever recorded, whether the songs are appropriate or not for the opportunity.

Scam deals in music publishing
Stansberry Research Reviews - Legit or Scam? - Reviewopedia

I ve so noted a legal case or opinion that indicates such. Only a court is qualified to make such a decision, hence it is so important for victims to get their cases on the books.

Scam deals in music publishing
All You Need To Know About MLM (Is MLM a Scam?)

For the remainder of this article, when I speak of an MLM, I am referring to both. If you are planning to work in any sort of sales position in which you will be considered an independent contractor, or if you have already been burned as such, it will pay for you to read this article in its entirety!

M Reviews - Legit or Scam?

BIG FAT LEGAL THREATS : As of October/November 2009, this site was threatened by two legal threats, the first alleging I ve somehow directly accused his company of running a scam despite the many disclaimers clearly stating that this site personally accuses no specific company of running it, and the second alleging that this entire site is somehow illegal and thus must be taken down.

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Nevertheless, they still need to use the fees as a tool to regulate submissions as explained above in Q1. So, we provide a number of charities on the site where they can automatically send their fees.

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