Coupons via cell phone

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    Mr. Gilmore, who favors 8coupons because the service caters to discounts in Manhattan (the company says it plans to introduce service in other large cities like San Francisco, Chicago and Washington says he scooped up 8 tickets to an off-Broadway show as part of a daylong promotion.

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Coupons You Dont Clip, Sent to Your Cellphone

On another occasion, he scored 15 percent off his purchase at the Container Store, a housewares retailer. Its so easy because the coupons are already sitting on your phone, Mr. Gilmore said.

Coupons via cell phone
Grocery Coupons

They also have a mobile phone option for receiving and redeeming deals. Cellfire. This is another website that also has a mobile phone option for finding and using coupons. The Coupons App.

Coupons via cell phone

This app for Android phones sends barcodes to the phone that can be scanned for savings at checkout. ShopRite Weekly Specials. This app, sponsored by Kellogg, sends weekly grocery store coupons to your Android phone.

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Top Tips for Saving Money with Mobile Coupons Mobile coupons save you money by giving you a discount on your purchases. However there are things that you can do to increase your savings.

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You can get a great deal, but sometimes its junk. Not all of the deals are fabulous. And despite their growing popularity, mobile coupons face some hurdles, like software glitches and other technological hiccups, that keep them from being adopted on a larger scale, said Matthew Tilley, director of marketing at Inmar.

Its not a seamless transaction just yet, he said. But the work to get there is under way. In addition to consumers, retailers particularly ones with perishable items that need to sell quickly are becoming fans of mobile coupons.