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    And it was VERY expensive. The set my wife said she liked the best (he asked us to pick out which one we liked the best) was a 5,500 value if the items were purchased separately.

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I didn t ask, but I d guess their close rate was very high. After we ate, he showed us the cookware options. Up to this point, he hadn t said anything about price (another selling tactic - get people to want it first without a thought toward price) which was a tip off that it was going to be VERY expensive.

Deals kt17ultra
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Be warned. eBay. He couldn t understand how we could say no to his presentation. What he didn t know was that the night before my wife had researched Saladmaster, seen what they had to offer, and done some shopping on eBay.

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Nope, I wasn t interested, I said. It would be fried chicken, mashed potatoes, a salad, vegetables and a cake. He d provide all the food for free and he d cook it in our home (while we watched/helped a bit.) Hmmm.