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    Parents often pick and choose different natural parenting methods that fit their lifestyle, and families subscribing to it run the gamut from mainstream and lax to off-grid and militant. EC from birth is a lifestyle decision; you just do it and once you do it, you cant not do it, says Andrea, 38.

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(Shes since started a business herself after identifying that need called Tiny Undies, which she ships worldwide.) She wants her children to learn: This is what we do. We put our pee and poop in the right place.

Isadora makeup coupons
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She first heard about EC through a friend before the birth of her oldest son, Kaiva, now six. I heard of another friend who was not using diapers and was basically having their baby pee into the sink, and I thought about it for like a quick second, and I was like, Wow, that sounds really cool and really different and Im into different stuff, so I will do that if I have kids.

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and its not harsh; its just they want mastery, they want to learn how to do these things themselves. While Kaiva was in his tiny undies at 9 months, Isadora reached the milestone at 13 months.

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When she became pregnant with Kaiva, she read more about EC and felt ready to implement it as a parenting choice. The practice focuses on reading childrens cues and catching their movements to condition them to not rely on diapers but instead to learn some control.

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Andrea secures Branson in his carrier, under which theres a portable toddler potty on the floor, and buckles Isadora into the back seat. She realizes 22-month-old Cooper hasnt used the bathroom in some time, something she should get out of the way before the car trip to school.