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    But at least this way you ll know whether the program truly serves your needs. Absolutely Free Software Lots of other terrific computer programs don t cost a dime, and freeware gems- Internet tools, graphics editors, financial planners-are easily found at Freeware Web, m, and ZDNet s download library.

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Internet Freebies

Or risk the luck of the draw and order a free mousepad at m, where advertisers pay to get their logo on the pad you ll receive. Computer Guru Although you can t get free tech help to sort out your computer problems, but the next best thing is free.

Internet freebies
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File Storage Who wouldn t want 20MB of space (roughly the same as 14 floppies) for online storage of critical files-a Quicken checkbook, say, or your business s financial records? The crucial advantage: Even if disaster strikes your home, the key data you need will be off-site and safe.