Management of manufacturer coupons

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  • Management of manufacturer coupons

    But payers and pharmacy benefits managers are not impressed. See also: PBMs, wholesalers, and contracts 101. How coupons work Manufacturers use drug coupons, often referred to as copay coupons, to reimburse insured patients for copayment costs associated with new, high-priced drugs.

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A coupon could override a plan s attempt to prevent a prescription for a high-cost drug. . Coupon programs allow manufacturers to sell their products with a large margin through heavy advertising, while helping consumers overcome economic hurdles, Friend said.

Management of manufacturer coupons
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These copay promotions are not means tested or designed to help the poor or uninsured. Instead, they are designed to encourage insured patients to bypass less-expensive drugs which typically have lower copays when multiple options are on the formulary, raising the cost of drug coverage he said in his testimony.

Management of manufacturer coupons
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Many payers, such as employers and insurers, say the practice uses a shadow claims system that prevents them from knowing when the coupons are being used. They also take manufacturers to task for gaining information about coupon users by requesting personal information prior to redemption.

Management of manufacturer coupons
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Nothing in life is free. That aptly applies to manufacturers drug coupons, which can entice consumers into using high-cost medications over equally effective generics and lower-cost brands. These coupons sound good on paper for both manufacturers who sell more products and for patients who pay less for a high-priced new product.