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    In the process, he published a. New York Times best-selling book, won a Pulitzer prize, and then fellplungedfrom that high grace, pressure-cooker pinnacle to a fragile subsistence, after depression, addiction, and the deaths of loved ones (and the near-death of mainstream journalism) took their toll.

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Now healthier and still brilliant and biting, tthere may be no one more qualified to tell the story of New Orleans. In his latest incarnation as a licensed tour guide, hes doing just that.

New orleans tour discount coupons
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Dont expect a soul-searing expos, though. Do expect a raucous, booze-spiked, F-bomb-laced bombast, told from an erudite, insiders perspective with pathos, attitude, irony, wit and song. Its a wild, fun ride.

New orleans tour discount coupons
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Glenn describes the customs and culture like hes lived it (he has and serves up the facts with urbane wit and a generous dollop of gossip. It works best on his Literary and Gay History Twirl!

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Check schedule, availability and locations at m/se.37017794 or contact. 2-3 hour walking tours of the French Quarter focusing on general history or rock n roll history. 25 per person. Historic New Orleans Tours - This is one of our favorite midsize tour companies, mostly because their guides are consistently good.

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If youre looking for a particular type of tour, do the research yourself and cut out the middleman; no matter how you learned about it, pay the fee directly to the company, not to your concierge or a street-corner booth.

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So not just anyone can load you on a bus and take you for a (literal or figurative) ride. Tours almost always run rain-or-shine (no refunds but in some instances youre allowed to move your reservation to another day.