Uk landline deals

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  • Uk landline deals

    Prices vary so look for a tariff with the cheapest line rental. Call rates : This is how much you pay for calls not included in your tariff. They vary depending on the time of day and the number you call, so check any call charges before you sign up.

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Find out more here. You do not pay any extra and it does not affect the deal you get.

Uk landline deals
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Compare providers to get the best deal. Q Can I get my landline and broadband from the same provider? Q Who do we include in this comparison? A We include landline deals from our panel of UK suppliers.

Uk landline deals
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However, check before you switch to make sure. Q What is line rental? A It is the monthly charge you pay to your provider for the use of your landline. This forms the main part of the monthly cost of your phone.

Uk landline deals
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Here is how to choose the right landline tariff. Q Do I need a landline? Q Can I keep my phone number if I switch? A Yes, most phone providers let you keep the same number if you move your service.

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Q Can I get free calls to mobiles with my landline deal? A Most providers charge extra to add free calls to mobiles, but some offer it within the price of your package.

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Switching your landline is easy but make sure you are not tied into an existing contract, because you may be charged to cancel. Here are more ways to save money on your landline tariff.

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Our comparison is powered by Ofcom accredited landline service Broadband Choices. Here is more information about how our website works. Q How do we make money from our comparison? A We have commercial agreements with some of the companies in this comparison and get paid commission if we help you take out one of their products or services.