Xperia 1 deals

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  • Xperia 1 deals

    If Sony continues to introduce more improvements, it would not be surprising if a lot of Filipino owners would soon be buying one of the units. To date, Sony manages the competition easily by introducing different-priced units to meet any budget considerations.

    Sony Xperia E1 - Full phone specifications - GSM Arena
Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 - Full phone specifications

The sleek design, crystal clear display and the amazing responsiveness make it one of the most coveted phones in the market. To give you a clear view of what this phone brand has to offer, here are some of its best features.

Xperia 1 deals
Sony rolls out Android Nougat to Xperia XZ, Xperia X

Cons. Some would find the prices of the Xperia phones to be too much for the average Filipinos especially with the availability of low budget phones. But then again, you should not expect Sony to be competitive in terms of prices but on features and if their latest phone is a testament of this, the units are worth every penny.

Xperia 1 deals
Sony Xperia L1 price, specifications, features, comparison

Manufactured by a prestigious brand name, Sony Xperia is a line of smartphones and tablets first introduced in 2008. The collections name is derived from experience which is clearly what the company hopes its users to have when using one of their units.

Xperia 1 deals
Sony Xperia XZ Deals - Contract, Pay as You Go & Sim Free

The price tags are considered reasonable considering such features but they are nonetheless at the pricey range. In any case, the Xperia series is among the most saleable brands in the market, joining the ranks of Samsung and Apple.

Sony Mobile Phones Xperia Smartphone

They also come with bright displays and snappy performance. Of course, the cameras are just fantastic even its entry level Xperia E comes with 3.2MP camera with 4x digital zoom, touch capture, geotagging and self-timer.

Buy Sony Xperia XZ SIM Free

In terms of operating system, the collection started with Windows Mobile but soon shifted to the more popular Android OS. Meanwhile, the company opted for Qualcomms Snapdragon processors. As a smartphone, you cannot find any other phone which is as smart as those from the Xperia collection.