Does publix double coupons every day

  • Does publix double coupons every day

    On average, customers having a coupon that was doubled saved about 1.15 per transaction, Publix spokesperson Brenda Reid explained to. Coupons in the News. Digital coupons, she pointed out, continue to increase in usage and they have never been doubled.

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Publix Ending Double Coupons in Some Areas : Southern Savers

Living in an area with another store that double coupons regularly, and accept more competitor coupons than Publix (namely Bi-Lo I just lost some of my loyalty to Publix. The sentence where they mention better prices and programs because of not doubling is pr hogwash.

Does publix double coupons every day
Alabama Double Coupon Stores: Kroger, Ingles, Publix

Heres a message that one reader in Charleston got from Corporate: Our coupon acceptance guidelines were recently revised in an effort to offer more valuable savings to our customers. As a result, we will no longer double coupons in our Charlotte Division stores.

Does publix double coupons every day
Publix Coupon Policy Store Coupons - All You

This decision will allow Publix to offer better prices and programs, while continuing to offer quality products, a clean shopping environment and exceptional customer service. We will continue our commitment to helping our customers save money with our coupon friendly policy, which includes accepting manufacturers coupons, Publix coupons, Internet coupons and coupons from nearby competitors, as well as offering savings through our Digital Coupons program, flyers and weekly ads.

Does publix double coupons every day
Report: Publix eliminating double coupons and doing away with

Many shoppers speculated it was only a matter of time before doubles were dropped in other divisions. And almost exactly one year later, it seems they were right. Beyond its platitudinous desire to pass along greater savings to a wider range of customers, a couple of things may have contributed to Publixs decision.