Celll phone deals

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  • Celll phone deals

    If you know a soldier, or the family of one, you probably understand how taxing it is for everyone involved to be out of touch. Another good charitable option is a local womens shelter.

    Sell my phone : How to sell your Android device
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Where can you sell these Android devices? Whats the best way to go to make some money from your old Android smartphone? Dont worry, weve done the homework and can get you started on the right track.

Celll phone deals
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Swappa The second site I checked out was. Swappa. Its really straightforward, and super easy to use. In form and function, its like a hybrid of Craigslist and Ebay; free to list, but its got a form you fill out and the listings all look the same.

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Smartphone Trade-In sends a check, and they claim to send them out within two days of receiving the device. Gazelle claims equally quick payment, so its a bit of a toss-up.

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Swappa is probably the most popular smartphone selling site. Gazelle Gazelle is a good site, but seems to be a little Apple-centric. I laughed when I saw the homepage: a bunch of Apple products and then a listing for Cell Phones that encompassed the rest of the market.

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If were looking to maximize exposure and have a listing that looks great, were looking at a cost of 20-30. That cost is not dependent on the device selling, either. If we choose Ebay, it could end up costing us with no return.