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    Each device gets unlimited talking and texting, plus shared data between the three. Pay one price for shared data, then a small fee to add on the individual devices, and you could have three phones all using 4GB of data for 190 or less, depending on the phones involved.

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Wherever you are, the call comes in crystal clear. Dropped calls and broken voice communication become a thing of the past. Even in most remote locations, like when hiking or camping, you can still get a cell signal.

Verizonwireless deals
Free Verizon Phones - Best Cell Phone Deals with New Plans

Your Price: 0.01 Samsung Galaxy Note 3, White 32GB Your Price: 19.99 Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Black 32GB Your Price: 19.99 HTC One M8, Glacial Silver 32GB Your Price: 0.01 HTC One M8, Amber Gold 32GB Your Price: 0.01 HTC One M7, Silver 32GB Your Price: 0.01 Displaying 12 of total 33 Devices on sale, Click Here to View All Verizon Wireless Phones Order your choice of smartphones from us and save more money today!

Verizonwireless deals
Verizon Wireless Add A Line Deals, Add Phones to Verizon

Wireless continues to lead the industry by offering the highest quality products and services while introducing innovative technology solutions. Verizon Wireless is committed to offering customers the most reliable service on the nation s best wireless voice and data network.

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If you re searching for a phone for the first time, the options available at Verizon ensure you get exactly the features you need, plus the ones you never knew you needed!

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Whether you use your smartphone primarily for business or entertainment, you get access to the largest data network in America. On top of that, the network is 100 4G LTE. There are no blended technologies here to make you think you re getting 4G when you re not.

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Your Price: 0.01 Samsung Galaxy S5, Black 16GB Your Price: 0.01 Samsung Galaxy S5, White 16GB Your Price: 0.01 Samsung Galaxy S4 White. Your Price: 0.01 Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Your Price: 0.01 HTC One M8, Gunmetal Grey 32GB.