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    cole Kidman Chanel No. 5 4 Million Per Year via: Movie star. Nicole Kidman has fronted the iconic perfume Chanel no 5. Since 2003, reportedly earning 4 million a year. The actresscan frequently be seen in glamorous, high end production movie short advertisements for the perfume.

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While its not unusual for famous faces to endorse multiple different brands at once, Charlize came under fire when she breached her 3 million spokesperson contract with Raymond Weil Genve, by publicly sporting a Dior watch to a charity event.

Endorsements deals
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The superstar was only 16 at the time of thedeal, making him one of the youngest, and highest paidendorsed celebrities in the business. Throughout his short career, Justin has signed numerous highly lucrative endorsement deals, including3 million to represent the skin care line Proactiv for 2 years.

Endorsements deals
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On top of the 20 million that Nicole earns per movie, the actresshas pulled in an estimated 48 million in the 12 years that shes represented. Chanel no 5. Instead of going the route of most celebrities and releasing her very own perfume, the silver screen sirenis paid very well tofront the high end.

Endorsements deals
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The previously poor performing app received a massive surge in popularity thanks to Kim, who in turn receives 45 of net profits. To date, the game has earned between 43-85 millionfor Glu Mobile, who reportedly extended Kims contract for an additional 3 years.

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The pop diva is one of the most sought after celebrities around, thanks to her long time influence on a wide demographic and was contacted by the Center for Science in the Public Interest after news of her endorsement with Pepsi broke, urging the star to reconsider her affiliation with the unhealthy company, and if not, to consider donating the proceeds to charity.