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    Luckily, as Wii U games are much, much smaller than their Xbox One and PS4 equivalents, a cheap 500GB USB 2 drive will cover most gamers needs for some time to come.

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Its based on a tri-core IBM Power PC CPU with a GPU, codenamed Latte, based on AMDs R700 architecture; an architecture thats now over seven years old. This, together with just 1GB of RAM (a further 1GB is reserved for the operating system puts the Wii U somewhere between the last-generation consoles and the Xbox One and PS4 in terms of horsepower, and if you looked at many of the cross-platform releases that emerged during the Wii Us first year.

Wii fitness deals
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Just as the standard definition Wii could never maintain the pace with the Xbox 360 and PS4, so the Wii U has struggled to deliver games with the photorealism and visual fidelity of the best on Xbox One and PS4.

Wii fitness deals
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Ive used it extensively for late-night gaming when you cant be bothered to turn the TV on, not to mention bouts of gaming while the TV is otherwise occupied. Sadly, battery life has never improved.

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PS4 and Xbox One, and a long way behind the 100 million-selling Wii. From EA to Activision to Ubisoft, the major third-party developers have long deserted it, returning, if at all, just to dish out a Wii U version of their latest family-friendly game.

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Youll feel that over long gaming sessions. Related: 2DS vs 3DS vs 3DS XL. Surprisingly, the best thing the GamePad has bought to the Wii U is remote play. While the step-down in resolution from 720p to 480p is noticeable and a serious issue in text-heavy titles like Xenoblade Chronicles X the experience of playing Wii U games on the pad rather than the TV is mostly brilliant.