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    Because the small town is hemmed in between jungle and ocean, Yelapa has no roads or cars. There are very few phones. And there are no street names or maps. But there s also no need to worry.

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All prices are listed in U.S. dollars. WHERE TO STAY Thatched-roof casitas with mosquito nets and open-air construction infuse the place with a languid, tropical feel. We prefer the larger ocean-view rooms.

Yelapa mexico deals
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On your way, you ll pass Casa Isabel: four lovely, distinctive palapas, and a main house with a well-stocked library and a collection of Huichol Indian art. The owner, Isabel Jordan, is a longtime Yelapa resident and a self-taught expert on Huichol culture.

Yelapa mexico deals
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And 2,500 years before that too. As we head back to town, I m tempted to recount yet another memory. But I stop myself and make a silent promise to spend the rest of the trip in the moment.

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And on this visit, I am dragging my husband on a trip down memory lane, attempting, I suppose, to preserve it in my mind as it was. When we first arrive in Yelapa, we forgo the safer exit onto the small pier in the village and instead choose to jump off the boat directly onto the main beach, risking a swamping and some soggy suitcases for the sake of that much more time on this lovely stretch of sand.

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(His real name is Henri, but no one here can pronounce it.) Enrico has become a regular sight most mornings, wandering about in his white apron, selling miniature fruit pies for 1.

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There are no concierge services, 300-thread-count sheets, four-star restaurants, or multitiered swimming pools-just the sound of waves crashing somewhere in the dark beneath you, and the sense that although not a thing in this raffish little town has been planned, there is something improbably, haphazardly perfect about it.