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    This is more predominant now a-days due to the steeper head angles you find on production bikes. It helps keep your motorcycle going straight in the whoops, reduces head shake approaching turns, and smoothes out those rough sections by preventing those handlebar wrenching jolts.

    Scotts Performance Products
Scotts Coupons, Printable Deals - February 2017

This again is a huge advantage in keeping the front end placed where you want it, damping the energy generated trying to move the forks back and forth, left to right on a road bike s steep head angle design.

Scotts products coupons
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Scotts Steering Stabilizer Technical Information What is a Scotts Steering Stabilizer? It is a compact, fully adjustable, hydraulic shock absorbing damper, that mounts to your steering head area right above your handlebar mount.

Scotts products coupons
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How does it work? Basically, it operates under the same principle as your front forks or shock, by absorbing the unwanted energy from unexpected impacts via oil being exchanged through valving circuits that the rider controls.

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Does it need constant servicing like some of the other dampers I ve seen? No Way. In fact when mounted correctly, it almost needs no attention at all. Just like your forks and shocks though, you ll need to give it some TLC after many hours of usage.

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