Lockbox aggregator deals

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  • Lockbox aggregator deals

    When banks and credit unions are able to negotiate fewer contracts, they can conduct less due diligence on potential vendors, as well as get more for their money by reducing the amount of monitoring and reporting required for risk and assessment compliance.

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eKlik eKlik simplifies the management of online banking checks by converting them into electronic payments, and merging them into a single electronic accounts receivable file to billers each day. At the same time, its advanced Web portal provides easy access to all data, images, reports and exception transactions associated with each payment.

Lockbox aggregator deals
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This enables them to gain a competitive advantage in localities where they may be chartered, but where they may not have branches or existing lockbox capabilities. Private-labeling our services significantly reduces the cost of entry into these new markets.

Lockbox aggregator deals
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It offers consumer payers secure Web enrollment to make recurring payments and one time payments. KlikPrint KlikPrint is a bill printing and mailing solution. Kliks in-house processing facility in New York provides printing, collating, inserting and mailing of customer correspondence such as end-user bills, notices and related mailings.

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Some financial institutions perform certain parts of the work, while using us for back-office processing and daily reporting of files. Were able to provide all information reporting to the banks and credit unions, so that their corporate clients are able to obtain all information from the bank in one integrated file providing them with a seamless experience.

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KlikRemit integrates and delivers payment data and images via a Web portal, in which user screens can be private labeled upon request with such things as logos, colors and product name.

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3. Help Customers Consolidating vendors can enable banks to greatly elevate the experience for their customers, by providing a single platform that is easy to navigate. Banks may also have access to additional monitoring and reporting of customer activity to help prevent detect fraud.