Completing the cave of ordeals twice

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  • Completing the cave of ordeals twice

    Another difference is that the Cave of Ordeals is completely optional, while the first 31 rooms of the Savage Labyrinth must be completed in order to progress in the game. The second time completing the Cave, on the last ledge before the Great Fairy, the Postman can be found squatting down trying to read a letter.

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Is it worth beating fifty rooms in the caves to gain the Great Fairies in

The Cave can be exited anytime between floors 1 and 41 if Link brings Ooccoo Jr. This is not possible on floors 42 - 50, which require the Double Clawshot to access, because Ooccoo warps the young hero to the Shop, and the dungeon cannot truly be exited with Ooccoo Jr.

Completing the cave of ordeals twice
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After every ten floors, there is a. Fountain in which the Great Fairy appears and grants the power of. Fairies at each Spirit Spring. 1 On the last floor, the Great Fairy will reward the young hero with a.

Completing the cave of ordeals twice
For anyone that beat the Cave of Ordeals the second time SPOILERS

I am the Great Fairy. I reign over all fairies of this realm as their queen. In praise of your efforts thus far, I will release fairies to Ordon Spring. Great Fairy ( Twilight Princess ) 2.0 2.1 It is impressive that you have made it this far.

Completing the cave of ordeals twice
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The Cave of Ordeals is an optional dungeon in Twilight Princess. Contents 1 Themes and Navigation 1.1 Floors and Minor Enemies 1.2 Rewards 2 Trivia 3 Etymology 4 See Also 5 References.