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    4/ The Scratchy app works like a digital scratch-off lottery ticket Scratchy Much like real-life scratch-off lottery tickets, Scratchy takes a lot of patience and a lot of luck. But if you have a free few minutes every day to play, it could be worth it for you.

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Jun. 29, 2016, 10:19 AM 365,547 Shutterstock We all love getting free stuff. Luckily, there are a couple apps out there that can give you prizes or free gifts, or at the very least, find discounts on some of the products you buy every day.

Free giveaway stuff
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is for you Claim it! Claim it! is a product giveaway app that offers you the chance to enter weekly sweepstakes. The app offers localized giveaways that change each week, which users can enter by selecting a product and clicking Claim it! The app lets you know the chances of winning each giveaway, how many people have entered and the value of each item, but just like in a lottery, your chances vary: I had a 100 chance of getting.

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These seven apps allow you to claim discounts on groceries, win gift cards, or accumulate rewards, sometimes just for checking into a restaurant or taking a picture of your receipt. Here s a roundup of some of the best apps to try.

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The app even gives you recipe ideas for items you ve purchased. 1/ EXCLUSIVE FREE SLIDE DECK : The Future of Retail 2018 by the BI Intelligence Research Team. Get the Slide Deck Now » More: Powered By Sailthru Featured Here s why the recent stock market sell-off could save us from a repeat of Black Monday More Intelligent Investing » Microsoft has pledged 1 million to solve a problem most people don t realize exists More Better Capitalism ».

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Rihanna s Desperado only merits two points, but it takes 20,000 to get a 20 Amazon gift card. 3/ If you love entering sweepstakes and giveaways (or you re just naturally lucky Claim it!