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    Our Goal Is To Help Businesses Service and Retain More Customers! Neighborhood Money Saver is a community magazine focused on bringing the best discounts, and coupons to your local neighborhood. Attract new and existing customers to increase sales, revenue, and profits, while obtaining a larger market share.

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Coupon Magazines have a shelf life that lasts 6-8 weeks in the home, which gives your message repeat exposure and more time to generate response. Sources: A.C. Neilsen, Clearing House Frankel and Co., A.C.

Xpress saver neighborhood coupons
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Coupons are good for both consumers and business owners alike. Consumers save money using coupons, while business owners benefit from increased traffic. Since it is digest size it can conveniently slip into a pocket, purse, or glove compartment.

Xpress saver neighborhood coupons
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72.5 of recipients frequently or occasionally use direct mail advertisements to buy products and services. According to the U.S Postal service, 74 of Americans immediately read or look at advertising they receive in the mail.

Xpress saver neighborhood coupons
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