Bad record deals

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  • Bad record deals

    After signing a record deal with Universal Island Records this artist had major regrets. How would she have done it differently? Read to find out.

    Young Thug s Buried in Bad Major Label Deals, Here s Why You
8 Types of Record Deals - Music Globalization

He also voiced his disapproval about how record labels turn artists into indentured servitude since the artists have little control or insight over how labels take their music and profit off it online, a claim David Byrne similarly laid against the major labels.

Bad record deals
Indie Record Deals: Understanding the Pros and Cons - The Balance

Art Official Age. As fractious Prince s relationship with record labels have been, his dealings with the Internet have been even more contentious. In 2007, Prince called upon the Web Sheriff to strip all images, videos and torrents involving the rocker off the web.

Bad record deals
Five Truly Terrible Record Deals Compiled For Your Convenience

Here are a few things record labels don t want you to know that they still. 5. Ways Hollywood Tricks You Into Seeing Bad Movies and 5 Creepy.

Bad record deals
How Signing a Major Record Deal Nearly Destroyed My Career

This isn t the first time Prince has compared the music industry to slavery. In 1993, when Prince and Warner Bros. were warring over his record contract, the rocker frequently appeared in public and onstage with slave scrawled on his cheek.

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Prince would soon change his name to the Artist Formerly Known As and the Love Symbol in an effort to emancipate himself from the chains that bind me to Warner Bros. Prince and the label later reconciled for 2014 s.

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Record contracts are just like I m gonna say the word slavery Prince said. I would tell any young artist. don t sign. . Hear Prince s Dance Rally 4 Peace Paisley Park Concert. Hear Prince s Psychedelic HARDROCKLOVER Prince Plots Imminent Release of New Album HitNRun.

5 Things Record Labels Don t Want You to Know They Do

Apparently unaware of Thug s existing deal with Gucci - it appears Thug thought the deal was void with Gucci locked up? - powerful record exec Mike Caren.