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    Instead I would rather you experience it for yourself with our world class Kona coffee, beautiful handmade Belgian Chocolate confections and the finest. NonGMO macadamia nuts Hawaii has to offer. When this happens you will be an official member of our exclusive Kona coffee and macadamia nut family.

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Please check out the rest of our site and learn more about our process, products and Enter to win FREE 100 Kona Coffee or Macadamia Nuts for 3 months. Also, we will send exclusive monthly specials for opportunities to save big on Kona Coffee, macadamia nuts, handmade Belgian chocolate confections along with video and/or pictures that will feature an inside look into Hawaii Life and the Kona coffee macadamia nut industry.

Kona coffee coupons

Paulos Kona Coffee and Macadamia Nut Farms family with our crops because we believe everyone should have a true farm to cup and farm to fork experience with their food whenever possible.

Kona coffee coupons
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Dr. Paulos NonGMO 100 Kona Coffee and why you should drop 3 of. Dr. Paulos NonGMO Belgian Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans into your piping hot cup of Dr. Paulos Kona Coffee and watch the beautiful Belgian dark chocolate melt before you experience your evening delicacy.

Kona coffee coupons
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I want to be your personal coffee roaster. If you dont want to order over the internet, I will set up an account for you and you can call, text or email me what you want (Doug Sterling-Cell-).