How book deals work

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  • How book deals work

    Amazon publishing is paying 30 on ebooks. It can seem like the Wild Wild West at times, so you have to make sure youre comparing apples to apples. Sure, Amazon is paying authors 70 of the sales price on most self -published titles, and theyre sending the author a check every month which means its a great deal if you can sell books.

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Second, its really tough to determine an average first-book deal. Nobody shares the numbers. And the deal points have so many factors: the author platform, the potential media exposure, the timeliness of the topic, the bigness of the idea, the quality of the writing, etc.

How book deals work
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In that case, you negotiate royalties on each book. Though those royalties may seen higher, youll have to do some calculatingto determine which method will pay you more money. Lets do the math: If your book is a 25 hardcover, and youve got a traditional book contract with a legacy publisher, youd be making 2.50 for each of the first 5000 books sold.

How book deals work
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(That said, there are a million ways to divide the advance. Some pay half on signing, some pay a percentage when the author completes the bio and marketing forms, Random House wants to pay a portion when the book flips from hardcover to trade paper, etc.) So when your book releases, youre now in the red 15,000 with the publisher.

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Debut fiction tends to pay less than debut nonfiction, in my experience, and the size of the publishing house makes a difference the bigger houses tend to pay a larger advance on a first book.

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So if you sell one book, you no longer are in the red 15,000 they credit you with 2.50, so youre now in the red 14,997.50. After the first 5000 copies have sold, your earnings jump to 3.12; and after 10,000 copies have sold, you are earning 3.75 per book.